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Frequently Asked Questions

I have had my mattress nearly 6 years. When will I know I need to Buy a new one?

Mattress wear and tear is a very gradual process and we recommend on average that you replace your mattress every 8 years for a good quality mattress and every 3-5 years for a budget model. When you begin to have restless nights sleep and starting to feel uncomfortable then it is time to replace your mattress.

Why should I spend more on a mattress when I can buy a cheaper one?

You wouldn't buy a wardrobe that fell to bits after 3 years if you could afford one that lasts more than twice as long. It's worth noting that you only hang your clothes in a wardrobe. A good sleeping environment is very important as it can have a major affect on your lifestyle. Lack of sleep can determine your work performance, social activity and your day to day mood. A bad mattress can also have a detrimental effect on your health, causing undue pressure and posture damage. Instead of spending that extra 100 on a pretty bedstead that matches the curtains, go for a better mattress.

I tend to sleep on my side and my husband on his stomach. Will this effect what mattress we should get?

Stomach sleeping as a general rule is not healthy for your spine. The nape of the neck Hyper extends slightly to match the pillow which can cause lower back problems. However, this is an unconscious position for sleepers and therefore we would recommend a Firmer mattress tension to support the other areas such as hips, waist and chest. For maximum benefit we recommend a sloping pillow to reduce neck strain.

Side sleepers are probably more common. The side profile of a human is the most curvaceous and needs the most support. The best mattress for this is a memory foam. As most memory foam mattresses are firm then you and your husband will be able to benefit.

I have had a divan bed for 8 years which now needs replacing, the base seems OK should I just buy a new mattress?

We would always advise after this length of time you should replace the whole bed. The base may look OK but it will inevitably have weakened in some places over time, any damage on the base will have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of the new mattress. Also it is far more economical to buy a divan as a set than a mattress only,then a base a few months down the line, manufacturers always offer better deals on the whole bed.

I want to buy a cheap bed, its only for my four year old. Why should I spend more money?

It is very important your child has proper support for the developing spine. Weight and height increase rapidly throughout childhood, so a starter bed which was OK for the first couple of years will no longer be suitable for a heavier child. Of course you do not need to buy the most expensive bed, with all the extras and plush fillings, but do keep in mind buying a better quality bed now means you will not be replacing them every couple of years. If dry nights are a worry a good quality waterproof cover will protect the new mattress. Avoid firm and ortho mattresses as these will have a lot less give, especially under a childs small frame.

How do I know the tension will be right for me?

Our tensions are set as a guideline only, many of which are supplied from the manufacturer. It is very rare we have any problems with this but in some cases a customers perception of a firm mattress may be different to that of Mr Mattress. If this situation occurs we will be happy to exchange or collect the mattress however a charge will be incurred unless there is a manufacturing fault.

Does a divan bed come with a headboard?

When you buy a divan bed this includes the base and mattress not the headboard, unless otherwise stated.

When you buy a bedframe this is the frame only and does not include the mattress, unless otherwise stared.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the title of Independent Bed Retailer of the Year at the National Bed Federation awards- giving you even more reason to buy from us with confidence!

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