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Buyers Guide

The bed choice is the easiest as most customers have in their mind what they expect from their bed. Would you like a leather frame or a metal frame? pine bed, or a bunk bed? divan or a waterbed? Whatever your bed needs, you need to be aware of the following.

Whatever mattress you choose should depend highly on what supportive frame you are using. For example, most wooden and leather bed frames come with slatted bases that are best suited to higher density Pocket Sprung Mattresses or Memory Foam, whereas Divans and Waterbeds usually come with mattresses as a set

Buying a bed is a very important decision to make as you are usually having to live with your decision for at least the next eight years. It is probably easy to decide on a bed style you like and then finding a mattress that compliments the actual bed. ALWAYS spend MORE ON THE MATTRESS than on the bed frame. After all, the mattress is the actual product you will be sleeping on and can not only aid posture, can relieve pressure and increase circulation.


Buy as big a bed as you can fit in your bedroom. Disturbance from a partner is one of the most common of sleeping complaints, largely eliminated in bigger beds.


As well as the overall support and comfort of the mattress, think about the height of the bed you want – how easy will it be to get in and out of? Beds do differ widely in height – ones with storage in the base may be higher. All tastes are catered for.

Matching mattresses to bases: Be careful when buying mattresses and bases or bedsteads separately – sizes may differ depending on whether they are made to imperial or metric measurements. Not everyone uses the same names for bed sizes either.


Your bed base can affect both the feel and the performance of your mattress. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your chosen base then consult the Bed Experts and Mr Mattress.

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

Almost all beds will, in time, attract house dust mites. Regular cleaning, airing and the use of the protective covers will reduce the effect. However, check fillings content for other materials, which may cause allergic reactions – e.g.; hair.

Mattresses for Children

Investing money in your child's mattress is very, very important. A child's posture and future structure is moulded throughout the first 15 years of their life, so providing them with a budget mattress can harm their posture and circulation in future years. Spend a little more on your child's sleeping area as it is the place they will spend the most time in their growing years.


Don’t forget to consider the length as well as the width a bed should be at least 10-15cm (4-6in) longer than the tallest partner. Many manufacturers make beds up to 7ft Square, and many will also make beds to special sizes.


Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to ensure even wear and tear and can be quite heavy. Bear this in mind when you are choosing your mattress.

Choosing your mattress depends entirely on the bed base you have bought. slatted bases on bed frames can cause a mattress to bulge and deform over the years so a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress is more likey to retain the shape and provide a more lasting support.

Changing the mattress on your divan will depend on whether your base is a sprung base or a platform base. A platform base provides a firm tension foundation and can support any mattress, as can the Sprung base divan, however, the sprung base provides slightly more give in the actual tension and allows a softer feel.

Mattresses & Slatted Bedsteads

All types of mattress construction are now offered to go with slatted bases. If you are not buying the two together as a complete unit, make sure the manufacturer has recommended the mattress’s use with the type of base you want.

Back Pain Sufferers

If the name of the mattress sounds vaguely medical (variations on the word ‘orthopaedic’) it usually only means that is the firmest mattress in the particular manufacturer’s range. However it does not mean that a back specialist recommends it. If you suffer from a bad back, check with your doctor as to what he or she recommends for you – an ultra firm mattress may not actually be advisable.


If you are worried about getting the bed up the stairs, remember most divans have split bases, while many bedsteads are actually delivered in pieces for assembly in your home. However you should mention any access problems or tight corners to the retailer before you buy to avoid problems with delivery.

The Bed Experts at Mr Matress are always happy to offer good advice on which bed or mattress is the right one for you, so give us a call on 0191 233 2203

After Sales Service

Can’t decide between two or three equally suitable products? Think about the retail services offered and which suits you best. It might be quick delivery; the guarantee or warranty offered, disposal of your old bed and any other factors, which you feel, are important in your bed purchase.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the title of Independent Bed Retailer of the Year at the National Bed Federation awards- giving you even more reason to buy from us with confidence!

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