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Choosing The Right Mattress

Which Mattress is right for me?

A good night’s sleep is important to all of us and it is essential that the mattress we buy gives us the right support and comfort.  Because we are all different shapes and sizes we all have different requirements and what might be the right choice for you may not suit someone else.

When BackCare, the national organisation for healthy backs, conducted a survey 82% of the sufferers interviewed felt that the right mattress could help prevent back pain and the concluding evidence was that buying a good supportive bed is one of the most important purchases you can make when it comes to back pain relief.

Here at Mr Mattress we have trained bed specialists who can help assess your personal needs and requirements to ensure you make the right choice. A good mattress should be a priority, after all we do spend more than a third of our lives in it. We have been selling mattresses in our High Street stores for over 25 years and truly believe by choosing the right mattress you will get better quality sleep, which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated in the morning.

When a mattress is no longer providing comfort and support it affects the quality of our sleep. This happens gradually so imagine how long you might have been depriving yourself of decent support and comfort if you reach the point of being uncomfortable.

There are various different mattress types with all kinds of different fillings from man made to natural, memory foam to latex. It is the spring itself that actually provides the core support in most mattresses, generally speaking the higher the number of springs (spring count), the better the support. The gauge (thickness) of the spring will determine the firmness of the mattress along with the amount of coils overall. Some mattresses are available in a choice of soft, medium or firm, this means the specification is the same however the spring gauge will be changed to achieve the right firmness. Remember there are no industry wide standards for firmness so they may vary between manufacturers.

Spring Types

Open Coil Sprung : These are a widely used option, rows of hourglass shaped springs are connected top and bottom by a spiral wire. These are used from budget ranges to mid price range mattresses.

Continuous springs : Unlike linked springs, the continuous spring is one single length of wire knitted into interwoven springs. The gauge of the wire is often softer with smaller coils used so you achieve a more responsive feel in general. These types of spring systems are quite often marketed under specific brand names in the mid-higher price bracket.

Pocket Springs : Each spring is individually wrapped in its own pocket and not connected by wire. This offers the greatest support as each pocket spring works in harmony with your body contours, allowing the pocket springs to move independently and conform to your individual body shape. These are usually found in mid – upper price ranges. The most expensive and luxurious are often hand finished, for example mattress borders which are hand stitched will help prevent the borders from sagging and having the ‘roll off’ feel through time. They will often be deeply upholstered with the finest of fillings for ultimate comfort.


Memory Foam : Many mattresses have a memory foam filling or top layer which will add an extra layer of support and comfort, it’s especially good for pressure relief which also benefits poor circulation, and also arthritis.

Luxury fillings : can combine all kinds of materials dependant on the model you are viewing. Things such as silk, cashmere, British lambs wool, Egyptian cotton, mohair and white fibres to name a few, enhance the comfort of the mattress and offer a luxuriously plush feel.

We are sure we have the right mattress for your needs, from price, brand, quality and type as well as the support you may need in making your selection. Call our specialists today on 0191 233 2203 to discuss your requirements, you won’t be disappointed!

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Here are a selection of short video clips explaining some of the types of sleeping surfaces........

Pocket Springs Illustrated

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Open Coil Spring Unit Illustrated

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Memory Foam Illustrated

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