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Premier Inn Mattress Review: Unbiased Expert Analysis

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

This article presents an in-depth review of the Premier Inn mattress, a product acclaimed for its unique design and comfort. The discussion includes a comprehensive breakdown of the product’s features, focusing on the comfort layers and spring unit design. To ensure a balanced perspective, consumer feedback is evaluated to shed light on user experiences and satisfaction levels. Potential drawbacks are also highlighted to provide potential buyers with a holistic understanding of the product before making an informed decision. In addition, alternative recommendations are suggested for those who may seek different specifications or price points. This analysis aims to offer readers detailed insights into the Premier Inn mattress, facilitating their search for optimal sleep solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Premier Inn mattresses are known for their structural integrity and durability, making them a long-lasting option.
  • They come with a 1-year guarantee, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of quality.
  • While they may have a higher price point, they are considered value for money compared to alternative mattresses due to their premium quality materials.
  • The mattresses have received industry awards for their exceptional design, further highlighting their quality and desirability.

Product Breakdown

The examination of the Premier Inn Mattress encompasses several vital elements, notably its material quality, comfort and support features, along with durability and lifespan. Paramount importance is attached to the assessment of the mattress’s material quality as it directly impacts user comfort and longevity of use. Furthermore, an in-depth evaluation of its comfort and support specifications provides insights into its ability to offer a restful sleep experience while durability and lifespan help gauge overall value for money.

Mattress Material Quality

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Crafted with high-quality materials, Premier Inn mattresses deliver both comfort and durability, a testament to their commitment towards ensuring an excellent sleeping experience for customers. The materials used in the construction of these mattresses are carefully selected for optimal performance.

  • Mattress Cover: The cover is a blend of cotton and polyester, providing breathability and softness against the skin.
  • Natural Fillings: Wool is incorporated into the design as it regulates temperature effectively, enhancing overall sleep quality.
  • Polyester Fillings: Utilised for its resilience, this synthetic material contributes to the longevity of Premier Inn mattresses.

These components harmonise to create a mattress that provides the ideal balance between comfort and support. It can therefore be concluded that the selection of materials significantly influences the quality of Premier Inn mattresses.

Comfort and Support

Optimal comfort and support, crucial elements for a restful sleep, are strategically embedded in the construction of these high-quality sleeping solutions. The Premier Inn mattress is designed to mould to one’s body shape, providing essential relief and support to pressure points. For individuals who prefer a firmer mattress, this product offers an agreeable balance between firmness and cushioning with its carefully constructed upholstery layers.

A unique feature is the pillowtop comfort layer that acts as an integral mattress topper, offering additional plushness and luxury to enhance one’s sleep experience. Moreover, it promotes spinal alignment – a critical consideration for preventing back pain and promoting restful slumber. Importantly, customers can avail themselves of a night trial to ensure the mattress provides the desired levels of comfort and support before purchase.

Durability and Lifespan

Withstanding the test of time, these top-tier sleeping solutions boast impressive durability and longevity, ensuring an investment that promises countless nights of restful sleep. The Premier Inn mattress is renowned for its robustness, often cited by customers as one of the most enduring products on the market.

The manufacturer’s commitment to quality is evident in the handmade mattresses’ lifespan, complemented by a customer service team that efficiently handles any issues or queries. A guarantee accompanies every product, underscoring the confidence in their durability. Despite this assurance of longevity and service, the cost remains competitive within the industry.

In conclusion, investing in a Premier Inn mattress ensures not just present comfort but also future peace-of-mind due to its proven lifespan and exceptional durability.

Comfort Layers

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The comfort layers of the Premier Inn mattress provide significant contouring and pressure relief, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for individuals of various body types and sleeping positions. The hotel mattress is designed with extra comfort layers which are primarily composed of memory foam mattresses. This material is recognised for its ability to adapt to the contours of the body, providing excellent support and relieving pressure points.

The Premier Inn mattresses come in different levels of firmness, ranging from medium comfort to firm options. These varying mattress options cater to a wide range of individual preferences and needs, allowing customers to select their preferred level of firmness for optimal comfort. An additional feature that enhances the comfort provided by these mattresses is pocket springs. These individually encased springs work independently, conforming to an individual’s body shape while reducing motion transfer.

Another important aspect is the hypoallergenic microfibre used in these mattresses, offering an added layer of protection against allergens which can disturb one’s sleep quality. It should be noted that this attribute makes this product particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Overall, it can be said that the Premier Inn offers comfortable and adaptable mattresses that contribute greatly towards achieving a good night’s sleep.

Spring Unit Design

Transitioning from the exploration of comfort layers, attention is now turned to the spring unit design in Premier Inn mattresses. The spring unit is a critical component in any mattress as it provides essential support and influences the overall comfort level.

In reviewing Premier Inn mattresses, one distinctive feature that emerged is their unique coil spring design. These coils are notably different from those found in many modern mattresses which typically use pocket springs. Coil springs are known for creating firmer mattresses and this characteristic aligns with the hotel chain’s commitment to providing robust sleep solutions for diverse guests.

Moreover, these coil springs are designed to be thinner compared to other hotel mattresses. This innovative design not only contributes to a lighter weight but also enhances the adaptability of Premier Inn beds, catering effectively to various sleepers’ needs.

The effectiveness of this spring unit design sets Premier Inn apart from its counterparts in the hospitality industry. With their firm yet adaptable inn mattresses, they have successfully managed to strike a balance between comfort and durability that appeals to a broad spectrum of guests seeking quality slumber during their stay.

Consumer Feedback

Delving into the realm of consumer feedback, a critical discourse is warranted that encompasses key elements such as Comfort Level Evaluation, Durability and Longevity, and Price Value Comparison. An astute examination of these factors not only provides an understanding of the consumers’ perception towards the product but also aids in discerning its overall performance and market worthiness. This discussion seeks to elucidate these aspects in detail to draw robust conclusions about the Premier Inn mattress, thereby contributing to a comprehensive product review.

Comfort Level Evaluation

Evaluating the comfort level of Premier Inn mattresses reveals a notable balance between firmness and softness, contributing to an overall pleasing sleep experience. These bedding products are produced by Hypnos, a reputable brand known for their quality range. Consumers have specifically praised the king size and double mattress options for providing relaxed nights’ sleep.

The dimensions of these mattresses, whether king size or otherwise, appear to be fitting for various customers’ needs. The range also seems to accommodate individuals who prefer different levels of firmness without compromising on comfort. This comfort level evaluation is largely informed by numerous customers who have spent several nights on these mattresses. In summation, Premier Inn mattresses offer a well-rounded solution for those seeking restful night-time slumbers through their combination of size variety, provenance and balanced firmness.

Durability and Longevity

Assessing the durability and longevity of these sleep surfaces reveals an impressive lifespan contributed by the high-quality materials used in their construction. Several factors contribute to their long-term performance, as shown in this Premier Inn mattress review:

  • The usage of British wool: This natural material enhances durability while providing necessary comfort.
  • The Inn Hypnos bed manufacturer’s reputation: Associated with high-quality products that increase longevity.
  • A robust divan base: This is common among hotel beds and adds significant structural integrity.
  • The provision of a year guarantee: This shows confidence from both the hotel chain and bed manufacturer, suggesting resilience over time.

Despite being entry-level mattresses, they offer commendable durability indicative of more expensive models. Therefore, investing in such a mattress ensures value for money attributed to its impressive durability and longevity.

Price Value Comparison

Having explored the aspect of durability and longevity, it is crucial to turn attention towards the price value comparison of Premier Inn mattresses. An essential component in any comprehensive Premier Inn mattress review, this factor plays a significant role in determining their worth in relation to cost. Considering their entire range of inn beds, it becomes evident that these products offer exceptional value for money. The base of these mattresses incorporates high-quality polyester, ensuring comfort for the body and prolonging lifespan. The expert team has designed them with properties ideally suited for the rigorous use experienced in inn hotels. Thus, despite being slightly higher priced than some alternatives, these mattresses present a sound investment considering their superior quality and longevity – offering excellent value for money overall.

Potential Drawbacks

While the Premier Inn mattress has received commendable reviews from consumers, it is imperative to consider potential drawbacks associated with its use. A considerable concern raised pertains to its high price point, which may not be affordable for all prospective buyers. Additionally, the limited size options available could pose a challenge for those seeking specific dimensions whilst potential comfort issues arising from individual preferences and needs could further impede overall satisfaction levels.

High Price Point

Despite the high comfort and quality offered, some customers may find the price point of the Premier Inn mattress slightly steep. The use of natural materials and award-winning design contributes to this higher cost. However, people must consider that this product is from the official bed supplier of a leading hotel chain.

  • High price due to premium quality materials used.
  • The official bed supplier for a prestigious hotel chain.
  • A recipient of various industry awards for its exceptional design.
  • Use of natural materials ensuring longevity and sustainability.
  • Availability of alternative options in similar price ranges.

Despite these factors contributing to its elevated cost, potential buyers should weigh these aspects against their budget constraints before making an investment in this mattress.

Limited Size Options

Another potential drawback to consider is the limited size options available for this particular product. The Premier Inn mattress range offers only three standard UK sizes - single, double, and king. This lack of variety may not be sufficient for consumers with specific bedding requirements or bespoke bed frames.

Furthermore, the absence of smaller or larger dimensions might be prohibitive for individuals living in compact spaces or those requiring extra-large mattresses for health reasons. It can also limit the ability of customers to fully customise their sleeping environment according to personal preferences.

In conclusion, while the Premier Inn mattress boasts high quality and comfort levels, its restricted size range could potentially exclude a significant portion of prospective buyers from experiencing these benefits.

Potential Comfort Issues

Possible comfort issues may arise for some users due to individual sleep preferences and needs. The Premier Inn mattress, while designed to offer a universally comfortable sleep experience, may not be suitable for every individual. This is largely due to the fact that comfort is a highly subjective matter and what is deemed comfortable by one person might not be so for another.

For instance, individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface may find the Premier Inn mattress too soft for their liking. On the contrary, those who favour a softer mattress might consider it unduly firm. Back or side sleepers might face difficulties in achieving optimal spinal alignment if the firmness level does not match their body type or preferred sleeping position.

In conclusion, whilst the Premier Inn mattress aims to cater to all users, potential discomfort could occur based on personal preferences and requirements.

Alternative Recommendations

In light of the potential drawbacks associated with Premier Inn mattresses, it is prudent to consider other comparable mattress brands that may offer similar comfort and support. There exists a range of budget-friendly alternatives in the market, which may provide an equally satisfactory sleep experience at a more affordable price point. Furthermore, an analysis of mattress material comparisons can illuminate understanding in relation to durability, comfort levels and overall value for money.

Comparable Mattress Brands

Examining the market reveals several brands offering mattresses that can be compared to Premier Inn’s renowned Hypnos mattress, each with their own unique features and benefits.

  • The Silentnight brand is known for its Miracoil and Geltex ranges, which offer zoned support and pressure relief, respectively.
  • John Lewis & Partners also provide a range of pocket-sprung mattresses, designed to deliver targeted support.
  • Dreams’ Hyde & Sleep range incorporates both memory foam and hybrid designs to cater to various sleeping preferences.

Each of these brands boasts high-quality materials, innovative design solutions and positive customer reviews. Nevertheless, individual comfort levels may vary; thus it’s crucial for potential buyers to evaluate multiple options before making an informed decision regarding their choice of mattress.

Budget-friendly Alternatives

Affordable alternatives to high-end sleeping solutions are abundant in the market, offering a pleasing balance between cost and comfort. Numerous budget-friendly options provide similar benefits to those of the Premier Inn mattress, without necessitating considerable financial investment. Silentnight Miracoil Mattress, for example, is recognised for its excellent support and pressure relief, while Dreams’ Doze Series offers reasonable durability with commendable comfort levels at a modest price point.

However, one must note that despite these mattresses being economical substitutes, they may not fully replicate the distinct feel of a Premier Inn mattress. Furthermore, factors such as longevity and warranty periods may also vary. Therefore, careful consideration is advised when choosing an alternative product based on individual preferences and requirements for optimal satisfaction in relation to cost-efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for Premier Inn mattresses?

The Premier Inn mattresses, renowned for their comfort and quality, are accompanied by a warranty period. This period is typically to provide assurance against any manufacturing defects that may arise after purchase. It has been established that the warranty provided with these mattresses extends up to 5 years. However, it should be noted that this duration might vary depending on the specifics of the model purchased and other factors related to customer service policies.

How does the Premier Inn mattress compare to others in terms of price?

In terms of price comparison, the Premier Inn mattress is competitively priced in relation to its market competitors. With respect to the quality and comfort it offers, it can be considered as providing a high value for money proposition. However, the precise valuation would depend on individual preferences and requirements related to firmness, material quality, durability among others. Therefore, a thorough comparison with other mattresses within the same price range is suggested for an accurate assessment.

Can I purchase the Premier Inn mattress outside of the UK?

The Premier Inn mattress, often known as the Hypnos mattress, can be obtained outside of the United Kingdom. Despite being a British-based company, Hypnos offers international delivery options for their products. Therefore, customers residing in various parts of the world have the opportunity to purchase this type of mattress. However, it is vital to verify potential additional costs associated with import duties or taxes that may apply in certain jurisdictions.

How should the Premier Inn mattress be cleaned and maintained?

The Premier Inn mattress necessitates regular maintenance for its longevity and comfort retention. It is recommended to use a mattress protector to prevent stains and dirt accumulation. However, if cleaning is required, it should be done professionally or with specialised products designed for mattress cleaning. Regular rotation of the mattress every 3-6 months can also contribute to even wear and tear, thereby maintaining its quality. Finally, avoid any exposure to excessive heat or moisture as it could potentially damage the materials inside the mattress.

Does the Premier Inn mattress require a specific type of bed frame or base?

The Premier Inn mattress, produced by Hypnos, does not necessitate a particular type of bed frame or base for its installation. It is designed to provide optimal comfort and support on a range of surfaces. However, it would be beneficial to utilise a stable and robust frame or base to ensure the longevity and maintain the structural integrity of the mattress. Nonetheless, individual preferences might influence the final choice of a suitable bed frame or base.


In conclusion, Premier Inn mattresses exhibit commendable characteristics in terms of comfort layers and spring unit design. However, consumer feedback is a mixed bag with both appreciation and criticism noted. A few potential drawbacks have also been identified which might influence the purchasing decisions of prospective buyers. Nonetheless, there exist numerous alternative recommendations for those discerning individuals who seek optimal sleep comfort. Therefore, this study posits that thorough research is crucial before making an investment in such a product.

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